7 Primary Chakras

In the practice of Reiki we learn that chakras are a part of our biofield. There are 7 primary chakras. Depending on who you study or what practice you follow, there are said to be more than just the 7 primary chakras. I’ve seen numbers of 9, 12, and even over 100. However, the 7 primary chakras are the ones I focus on in my practice.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates to mean “energy wheel”. The chakra system is not unique to Reiki. It is a vital part of many practices and belief systems, including yoga, meditation, accupuncture, as well as most Eastern medicine practices.

Our chakras store and control the flow of energy that is a part of our biofield and our actions can affect them in both positive and negative ways. When the flow of energy is balanced and working well, we say the chakra is “open”. When we are holding on to some negative emotion, or suffering from a sickness, the chakra is said to be “closed” or “blocked”.

Reiki is very helpful to restore balance to the chakra system. It helps to strengthen the chakra’s energy flow which in turn promotes our body’s general wellbeing.

The 7 primary chakras run parallel to our spine, but they extend through and past this on the bioenergy field level. We are not able to physically see them, but they can be felt and sensed through intuition and through subtle vibrations emanating from our biofield.

The use of a pendulum is often helpful in determining the state of flow of a chakra. I was blown away when I saw this in person for the first time. My Reiki Master used a pendulum over each of my chakras, and I watched the pendulum spin and swing over each chakra, until it reached my heart chakra and it immediately and abruptly stopped. I had never seen a pendulum just immediately stop like that before. Typically they continue to swing slowly before coming to a stop. It was an amazing sight to behold.

Depending on the circumstances of the situation and your own unique needs, I may or may not use a pendulum as part of your Reiki treatment session.

Each of the primary chakras are connected to an area of our physical body, as well as an aspect of our emotions. Each of the primary chakras are also associated with a color. Some practitioners are able to see colors in our aura (which also is a part of our energy field), and often these colors relate back to the color associated with our chakras.

Below are descriptions for the 7 primary chakras and how they relate to different aspects of our health and wellbeing.



Root Chakra

Purpose/Function: Your Power Base, Survival, Security, Stability, Physical Identity, Grounding

Sequence: First

Location: base of the spine

Color: Red

Element: Earth

Mantras: “I exist”; “I am a divine being of light. I am peaceful, protected, and secure”; “I will live my life proudly”

Emotions: stability, security, survival, ambition, and our basic needs, including basic sexual energy and our will to live

Physical: bladder, colon, bones, adrenal glands,

When open/balanced: You feel safe, fearless, stable, confident, balanced, energetic, independent, and strong. You have abundant health and energy, feel grounded and settled, are comfortable with your own body, feel a sense of safety and security, experience happiness in your job or career, are satisfied with life, and experience material prosperity.

When underactive/blocked/imbalanced: You may feel unstable, ungrounded, anxiety, lack of ambition, lack of purpose, fear, insecurity, and frustrated. You tend to be neglectful of yourself, may be underweight, have poor discipline or boundaries, experience depression, passivity, or lethargy. You may experience chronic disorganization, have a fear of change, and have feelings of not belonging. Physical issues may arise, such as frequent illness, arthritis, constipation, lower back pain, anal or rectal problems, or issues with legs, feet, knees, groin, hips, or ankles. Individuals who experienced chaos or unstable home environments at an early age often have a blocked or clogged root chakra.

When overactive: You may be prone to overeating, craving unhealthy foods, paranoia, nervousness, aggression, dominant behavior, addiction to high adrenaline activities, hoarding, and a fixation on material things.

Healthy Activities: dancing, jogging, jumping

Crystals: Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby, Red Jasper, Red Tigers Eye, Obsidian, Jet. If overactive, instead use Hematite, Smoky Quartz, or Black Tourmaline.

Essential Oils: basil, cedarwood, cilantro, myrrh, patchouli, vetiver, white fir, cassia, sandalwood

Foods: root vegetables, protein, red fruits, nuts




Sacral Chakra

Purpose/Function: Emotions, Creativity, Sexuality, Self-Expression, Authentic Creation, Soul Fire, Pleasure

Sequence: Second

Location: between belly button and groin

Color: Orange

Element: Water

Mantras: “I desire”; “I will live my passion. I will claim my dreams and make them a reality.”; “I am authentically creating a life free of stress and full of bliss”

Emotions: creativity, self-expression, sexuality, self-worth, pleasure, sensuality, eroticism, flexibility, playfulness,

Physical: kidneys, metabolism, lymphatic system, skin, fertility, urinary system, spleen, gallbladder, reproductive system

When open/balanced: You feel more vibrant, happy, positive, satisfied, compassionate, and intuitive. You are happy with your body. You are in tune with the emotions and feelings of others. You will have a healthy creative expression, balanced hormones, an ability to experience pleasure. You are generous and giving, nurturing to yourself, and have healthy boundaries.

When underactive/blocked/imbalanced: You may feel emotionally explosive and irritable, sense a lack of energy and creativity, feel manipulative, or be obsessed with sexual thoughts. You may be unemotional, guarded, depriving yourself, or repressing your sexuality. You may exhibit poor social skills. You may experience denial of pleasure or lack of desire or passion. You may experience urinary tract infections, impotency, lower back pain, allergies, migraines, or PMS. You may experience infertility or disorders of the reproductive organs, or experience problems with the urinary system, spleen, gallbladder or kidneys. You may experience menstrual difficulties or sexual dysfunction. You may feel like you have a lack of flexibility or deadened senses. You may withhold intimacy or experience emotional isolation. Blockages are often caused by pent up emotions, trauma, or abuse.

When overactive: You may experience an excessive sex drive, compulsive behaviors, tension, or frustration. You tend to get overly emotional, hypersensitive, and become emotionally dependent.

Healthy Activities: belly dancing, loving partnerships, yoga

Crystals: Carnelian, Citrine, Orange Calcite, Orange Carneline, Fire Opal, Ruby, Peach Moonstone, Orange Aventurine. If overactive, instead use Chrysocolla, Jade, Clear Quartz.

Essential Oils: black pepper, cinnamon, cypress, tangerine, orange, jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, sandalwood, cardamon, coriander, patchouli. If overactive, instead use grapefruit.

Foods: carrots, pumpkin, oranges, mangoes




Solar Plexus Chakra

Purpose/Function: Confidence, Personal Power, Self-Worth, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem

Sequence: Third

Location: between belly button and the base of the sternum

Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

Mantras: “I control”; “I am powerful, confident, and successful in all my ventures”

Emotions: ego, anger, aggression, self-esteem, confidence, power, fears

Physical: nervous system, digestion, liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, stomach, blood vessels

When open/balanced: You feel like you are in control of your destiny and feel powerful enough to accomplish your dreams. You feel more energetic, confident, productive, and focused. You are better with analyzing and practical thinking and embracing your individuality. You are responsible and reliable and have a healthy self-esteem. You may be spontaneous, playful, and have a good sense of humor. You are able to make decisions and meet challenges and have a warm personality.

When underactive/blocked/imbalanced: You may struggle with depression, lack of self-esteem, anger, or perfectionism. You may have a weak will, poor digestion, a victim mentality. You may be unreliable, unable to take responsibility, and attracted to stimulants. You may have low self-esteem, control issues, or manipulative tendencies. You may misuse power. You may experience digestive issues, liver problems, ulcers, heartburn, eating disorders, indigestion, or hypoglycemia. You may have diabetes, eczema, acne, food allergies, chronic fatigue, or depression. You may experience disorders of the stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, or liver. Blockages often are a result of controlling relationships or low self esteem.

When overactive: You may exhibit obsessive-compulsive behaviors. You may be overly aggressive, need to be right, bossy, power hungry, competitive. You may be attracted to sedatives. You may be conceited, self-centered, hyperactive or narrow minded.

Crystals: Amber, Golden Topaz, Sunstone, Citrine, Yellow Calcite, Tigers Eye, Topaz. If overactive, instead use Moonstone or Peridot.

Essential Oils: bergamot, cassia, clove, coriander, fennel, ginger, grapefruit, juniper, wintergreen, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, chamomile

Foods: oats, squash, ginger, legumes, yellow fruits




Heart Chakra

Purpose/Function: Love, Relationships, Compassion, Joy, Inner Peace, Family, Friends. The heart chakra serves as a bridge between our body, mind, emotions, and spirit and is our source of love and connection. It is the seat of balance.

Sequence: Fourth

Location: center of the chest

Color: Green

Element: Air

Mantras: “I love”; “I am giving and receiving love effortlessly and unconditionally”; “I am letting my heart energy flow freely in and out. I am open to receiving the love that is available to me now, the free-flowing love that is my birthright.”

Emotions: love, attachment, compassion, trust, passion, ability to love and connect to others

Physical: heart, lungs

When open/balanced: You feel more compassionate, caring, optimistic, friendly, and motivated. You are understanding, loving of yourself and others, and empathetic. You are in tune with the needs of others. You take good care of yourself and others. You have the ability to have stable social relationships. You have an inner peace and a strong immune system.

When underactive/blocked/imbalanced: You may deal with emotional issues like anger, lack of trust, anxiety, jealousy, fear, and moodiness. You may put others first, to your own detriment. You may feel lonely, insecure or isolated. You may be shy, have a fear of getting hurt, feel lonely or unloved. You may be suspicious, possessive, antisocial, or judgmental. You may have a fear of relationships. You may experience depression or generally have difficulty in relationships. You may lack self-discipline. You may experience heart problems, asthma, and weight issues. You may experience issues with your lungs, thymus, breast, or arms. You may experience shortness of breath or have circulation problems. You may have asthma or an immune system deficiency. The heart chakra often gets blocked due to loss, regret, or resentment.

When overactive: You may be overly empathetic, overly concerned, or jealous. You may have poor boundaries or experience codependency. You may be clingy or have a tendency to stay in abusive relationships. You may be overly sacrificing.

Healthy Activities: healthy relationships, pets, family, and appreciation of beauty and nature enhance the heart chakra.

Crystals: Amazonite, Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Kunzite, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Unakite. If overactive, instead use Malachite.

Essential Oils: cardamom, eucalyptus, geranium, lime, marjoram, peppermint, rose, thyme, ylang ylang, bergamot, melissa, lavender, neroli. If overactive, instead use melaleuca.

Foods: avocados, leafy greens, green vegetables




Throat Chakra

Purpose/Function: Communication, Personal Truth, Self-Expression of Feelings, Speaking the Truth, Holding Secrets. The throat chakra is our source of verbal expression and the ability to speak our highest truth.

Sequence: Fifth

Location: Throat

Color: Blue

Element: Space (or Ether) and Sound

Mantras: “I express”; “I am speaking clearly and truthfully with grace and ease”; “I will speak my truth, sing my joy, and emanate my love through the vibration of my words”

Physical: neck, thyroid, parathyroid, jaw, mouth, tongue, teeth, gums, voice, throat, lungs

When open/balanced: You have the ability to ask for what you need. You reflect your truth in the world through your communication. You may feel inspired, have healthy expressions, and the ability to communicate well. You may experience increased faith. You experience creativity, positive self-expression, constructive communication, and a sense of satisfaction. You speak and listen with compassion and feel confident when you speak because you know you are being true to yourself with your words. You may have psychic abilities or artistic talents. You may be charismatic. You are able to express to others what is going on inside your mind. You are good listener and can communicate clearly. You live creatively, and speak with confidence. You may sing well, have a good sense of timing or rhythm. You express yourself freely and are comfortable with body language.

When underactive/blocked/imbalanced: You may feel timid or experience a feeling of weakness or have anxiety. You may be quiet or lack the ability to express your thoughts or feel withdrawn. You may have trouble speaking your mind. You may supress your feelings, or have fears of expressing yourself or offending others. You may be shy or have a weak voice or poor rhythm. You may have problems with your nasal area, teeth, gums, or mouth. You may experience irritated sinuses, jaw pain or TMJ. You may have disorders involving the throat, ears, voice, or neck. You may experience ailments with the esophagus or tonsils.

When overactive: You may exhibit such behaviors as dominating conversations, gossiping, or speaking without thinking. You may talk excessively, stutter, or have trouble listening. You may have a loud or dominating voice or have a tendency to interrupt. You may be arrogant.

Healthy Activities: vocal or breathing exercises, singing, chanting

Crystals: Angelite, Apatite, Aquamarine, Celestine, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Lapis, Lazuli, Turquoise, Kyanite, Azurite, Blue Topaz, Amazonite, Blue Tigers Eye. If overactive, instead use Sapphire.

Essential Oils: birch, lavender, oregano, peppermint, cypress, beranium, chamomile, basil

Foods: fruit juices, figs, sea plants, plums, melons




Third Eye Chakra

Purpose/Function: Intuition, Psychic Senses, Imagination, Wisdom, Ability to Think and Make Decisions, Awareness, Guidance, Knowledge

Sequence: Sixth

Location: middle of forehead, in between the eyebrows

Color: Indigo

Element: Light

Mantras: “I am the witness”; “I am tuned into the Divine to follow the path towards my purpose”

Emotions: concentration, awareness, intelligence, intuition, insight, self-knowledge

When open/balanced: You feel more vibrant and confident, both spiritually and emotionally. You follow your intuition and are able to see the big picture. You may experience spiritual visions. You have a sensible way of handling actions, thoughts, and emotions. You may have a desire to do something sensible for mankind. You may be on a quest to finding your spiritual path. You may be intuitive or psychic. You are optimistic, perceptive, imaginative, watchful, and aware. You have a good memory, are wise, and able to plan and carry out those plans. You sleep well and can recall your dreams. You have a calm mind.

When underactive/blocked/imbalanced: You may feel non-assertive and afraid of success. You may have trouble listening to reality, or seem to know it all. You may not be in touch with your intuition. You may have an inability to plan or set goals. You may be narrow minded or in denial. You may have trouble seeing the future and lack imagination. You may lack direction or experience a lack of clarity. You may have poor memory. You may have concentration or hearing problems. You may experience headaches, migraines, blurry vision, eye strain, poor vision, or other issues with your sight. You may experience problems with your scalp or hair. You may have seizures or neurological disorders. You may have personality disorders or a mental illness.

When overactive: You may be more egotistical. You may be obsessed with psychic visions. You may be paranoid or experience hallucinations. You may have a tendency to space out or have difficulty concentrating. You may experience nightmares.

Healthy Activities: meditation, visualization exercises

Crystals: Amethyst, Blue Quartz, Charoite, Lepidolite, Purple Fluorite, Sodalite, Sugilite, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Lolite, Saphire. If overactive, instead use Spectrolite or Watermelon Tourmaline.

Essential Oils: clary sage, lemongrass, rosemary, basil, laurel, thyme, juniper, helichrysum. If overactive, instead use lavender.

Foods: purple berries, plums, purple potatoes




Crown Chakra

Purpose/Function: Your Connection to the Divine, Universe, and Your Soul; Cognition; Connection to Spirituality and Higher Self/Life/Purpose; Cosmic Consciousness; Peace; Enlightenment; Spiritual Connection

Sequence: Seventh

Location: just above the top of your head

Color: Violet or White

Element: Thought

Mantras: “I am that I am”; “I am one with my higher self and one with the Divine”

Physical: The crown chakra is linked to every other chakra, and therefore every organ, and has an impact on all the organs, as well as the brain and nervous system.

When open/balanced: It helps to keep all other chakras open and will bring you bliss and enlightenment. You will feel in tune with every part of the whole universe. In your daily life you will feel a natural desire to develop and practice spirituality, to pray, to meditate and to connect to your Higher Power. You have love and acceptance of the Divine. You are intelligent, thoughtful, aware, and open-minded. You have the ability to recognize and receive spiritual guidance. You have a sense of oneness.

When underactive/blocked/imbalanced: You might suffer from a constant sense of frustration, melancholy and destructive feelings. You may seem narrow-minded, skeptical, or stubborn. You may feel a sense of separation or isolation and have trouble trusting the Universe. You may have a lack of belief in a Higher Power. You may be cynical and disregard sacred beliefs. You may be closed minded and have a disconnect from spirituality. You may experience learning difficulties, have delusions, or suffer from dementia, autoimmune disorders, or epilepsy. You may experience migraines, brain tumors, amnesia, or even a coma.

When overactive: You may act in ways that seem overly intelligent. You could have a “spiritual addiction”. You may be overly concerned with humanity. You may often feel confused or have a sense of disassociation from your body.

Healthy Activities: meditation, Reiki

Crystals: Clear Quartz, Diamond, Herkimer Diamond, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Sugilite, Amethyst, Sapphire, Selenite, Fluorite, Labradorite. If overactive, instead use Opal, Tourmaline, or Apophyllite.

Essential Oils: frankincense, helichrysum, lemon, melissa, Roman chamomile, rosemary, sandalwood, myrrh, cedarwood, angelica, lavender

Foods: purified water, fresh air, sunlight