Distant Reiki

Although I personally believe Reiki works best when delivered in person, there are methods by which Reiki can be provided to you from a distance with a Distant Reiki session. More details about this session type can be found below.

Typical Session Length: 30 minutes

Rate: $30

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More Details About This Service:

You and I will communicate prior to the session date and time. This communication will take place via email or text message. You will tell me about your goals and expectations for the session and any problem areas you may want to have addressed. I will also ask that you send me a photo of yourself. This will help me visualize who I am sending the Reiki energy to, and will help me to maintain my focus on just sending you Reiki.

At your appointment time I will send you a text message just before starting the Distant Reiki session. You should go into a quiet dark room where you will be able to lay down and fully relax (e.g. on your bed in your bedroom, or on the couch in the living room). You may play relaxing music if that would be helpful to you. I suggest setting your phone’s timer for 30 minutes. But that is optional, as you may not want to be abruptly startled out of relaxation. You should take several initial deep breaths and try clear your mind as best as you can. At the designated appointment time I will be doing the same preparations, getting myself into a relaxed state in a quiet dark room. For the next 30 minutes I will send Reiki energy directly to you with the intention that it be received for your greatest benefit. After 30 minutes I will send you a text message letting you know I have completed the session. I will let you know of anything that I may have intuitively received during the session. It would be helpful if you also shared with me any sensations you may have felt during the session or if you experienced any kind of visions.

Even if you are not able to fully relax or perhaps you are not able to get yourself away into a quiet place at the designated appointment time, Reiki energy will still be flowing to you. You will be in a better state to receive the energy if you are in a relaxed state, so that is definitely preferred for best results, but it is not completely necessary. You may still get feelings and sensations from the Reiki even if you aren’t in that preferred relaxed state.