Intro to Reiki

This is the perfect session for those who are perhaps curious, but have never experienced Reiki before. It is a low cost way to be introduced to the power of Reiki. This unique Intro to Reiki session is only offered to first time clients who are interested in “testing out” what Reiki is all about. Please be sure to read the Reiki Session FAQs to be prepared for your first session.

This service is only available at the Reiki By Jason Ithaca location and is only available as an optional first session for first-time clients. If you are an existing Reiki By Jason client please choose the Standard Reiki service instead.

Typical Session Length: 30-45 minutes

Rate: $25

Make Your Appointment

This service is available at the Reiki By Jason Ithaca location, which is my home office in the northeast Ithaca/Lansing area. The location’s address will be provided after your session is booked. Coming soon – availability at a Cortland office.